Kevin W. Thornton

Redhead. Lefty. Twin. Husband. Father. Son. Brother. Uncle. Christian. Mensan. Nerd. Geek. Tech expert. Data guru. Process specialist. Researcher. Developer. Bicyclist. Reader. Writer. Author. Editor. Woodworker. Welder. World traveler. Horrible Russian speaker. Eagle Scout. Vigil Honor member, Order of the Arrow. Assistant Scout Master. Tiger Cub Den Leader. Hiker. Backpacker. Mountain Climber. Master Mason. Shriner. York Rite member. Scottish Rite member. Eastern Star member. Past Master. Past High Priest. Past Illustrious Master. Past Patron. Kids […]

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The Excelsior Ideas Story

What do People, Places, Politics, Processes, Projects, and Power Ideas have in common? How can so many things that cover such a large part of the human experience go together? One thread unites these different areas – they are all areas that work together to either lift people up and support them, or hold them back. Do people have the tools they need to live a healthy life? Can we enable people to learn and […]

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What’s the (Big) Power Idea?

As I’m sure you have noticed, Excelsior Ideas has a lot of different areas and a lot of different ideas. So, what makes something a Power Idea, and what are the differences between Business Ideas, Business Ventures, and Other Big Ideas?

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Modular Storage Studies/Offices

NOTE: As with all posts under Business Ideas, this is a preliminary idea for a business that will require significant expansion to be viable. If you are interested in pursuing this idea, attribution is required, partnership is recommended, and payment for the ideas or shares in the company are appreciated. All ideas are provided as-is with no warranty, guarantee of success, or completed feasibility study. In other words, unless you partner with us, you’re on […]

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US Political Policy Summaries

America is one of the greatest countries in the world. As the only current superpower, we have an outsized influence on the world. But, as always, with great power comes great responsibility. Like anywhere, we are not perfect, and there are a number of areas where we can improve. For the record, I have strong Libertarian leanings, although I believe a higher level of social support is a moral imperative for our country. Here are […]

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